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Avalon Waterways 11

The journey from Arromanches to our next destination was a bout 20 minutes or so.  I had heard of the landing beaches of Omaha and Utah, but must admit I wasn’t fully aware of the importance that Pointe du Huc, just west of Omaha beach, and the Army Rangers played in Operation Overloard… ie the Battle of Normandy. Pointe du Hoc is a

Avalon Waterways 3

Today we wake up in Caudebec in Normandy on the right bank of the river Seine. Walk down the ships gangway and you step right into a picturesque village with outdoor cafes and even a pharmacie (drugstore) just across the way if you need to buy sunscreen, toiletries, etc. Even their 14th century prison is welcoming. At the center of town is

Avalon Waterways 1

As if the relaxed atmosphere, laid-back pace and brilliantly designed staterooms weren’t enough to like about a river cruise with Avalon Waterways, there is something I really appreciate… many of the shore excursion options are included in the cruise price. There are some that can be arranged for an additional price, however for our 8 day adventure all of our

Avalon Waterways 4

Ok.. Ill admit it,  I like balconies. I like the breeze and the sounds of the water. I like relaxing and watching the world sail by while I hang out in jammies.  No shoes or makeup required to get a great view cause you just roll out of bed and step out on your balcony. Or do you have to

Avalon Waterways 4

Yup.. Im addicted to cruising. There is something about the open water, the sea breezes, the fact you can ice skate at sea in some cases…. and not to mention the fact you unpack once and your hotel travels with you. These draw me to this mode of travel. I have become rather comfortable with some of the things about

Avalon Waterways 3

I will admit, for almost 20 years now I have been a cruise junkie. Small ships, large ships, floating cities… you name it, Ill try it.  (ok.. maybe not the whole cargo ship idea…) Anyway – I was really excited at the opportunity of doing a river cruise. This  flavor of voyage has been on my radar for awhile and

Travel 11

Hi… I’m Beci and I’m addicted to travel… among other things like Disney, photography, music, pyrotechnics, animals, philanthropy, theme parks, Marvel, Thor, Star Wars, Thor, and much more (not necessarily in that order and a story for another blog).  I am very lucky to have the day job I do, making magical vacations for people, working with the best

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