About Beci

Hi… I’m Beci  (Becky spelled weird…)  and I’m addicted to travel…

Among other things like Disney, photography, music, pyrotechnics, animals, philanthropy, theme parks, Marvel, Thor, Star Wars, Thor, and much more (not necessarily in that order and a story for another blog).  I am very lucky to have the day job I do, making magical vacations for people, working with the best team of people on the planet and helping to teach the craft to others who want to partake in the magic as well. I feel blessed to be able to travel to various places and try new things. I am a veteran of 80 or so cruises on 12 different cruise lines and too many countries to count off the top of my head. You can say its in my blood and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

One of my favorite sayings I’ve been using for years is ‘Adventures are better with friends!’ And technology has made that so much easier over the past few years. My company has a blog over at www.MouseFanCafe.com where we chat about all things Disney and I do spend quite a bit of my working hours at various Disney destinations. However I wanted a place to post and chat about destinations and experiences that may or may not be Disney related as well as have a forum to be less company focused and more… well.. like me.  (and not afraid that something I post will get me a call from the mouses’ legal team).

Adventures with Beci? Whats up with that?

The answer is rather complicated and mixed in with a little emotion. Besides being an offshoot of my favorite saying above, thus readily available in the week I decided to start this journey before traveling, its also a tribute to a person who did something amazing for me.

Back in 2010 I would routinely live stream various things I wanted to share.. IlluniNations, Wishes, or just strolling through the Disney parks chatting with random people along the way. An acquaintance turned friend named Nolan Woodall created a FB page to track my meanderings. He called it Adventures by Beci with the Droid people.  (yup.. Im addicted to my droid too even though my friends are trying ot get me to give in to the Apple craze). Nolan didn’t tell me about the page right away. Instead he waited a bit and shared it with others first. When he finally fessed up I felt so honored that someone cared that much about what I was doing, and keeping me company while I was doing it, that he created a page so he wouldn’t miss any of the fun. He was always in chat when I streamed and it was a joy to talk with him as I made my way from place to place between meetings and other happenings. What I didn’t know until I got to know him better thru the months was Nolan suffered from a congenital heart defect and sadly he lost his valiant battle and passed away in 2012.

So long story short… the name helps remind me of a person who was truly kind and would do anything to help anyone in need if it was in his power to do so. Wouldn’t it be an amazing world if more people thought of others first, like Nolan always seemed to do?  I am so honored to have known him and happy to find some little way to always remember the kindness he once showed me. Nolan was also very forgiving of my random typos due to fat fingers… or typing too fast .. or trusting auto correct – or a combination of the three.  I hope you be will too.

And I hope you enjoy following along as I share the adventures.

Please feel free to reply and comment. Id love to know your experiences, thoughts and ideas too!